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Anderson bankruptcy lawyers
Anderson bankruptcy lawyers

Contact The Anderson Bankruptcy Law Offices of Mark S. Zuckerberg for chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies

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Anderson Bankruptcy Attorneys

Afraid Of Bankruptcy?
We Understand Completely.

Sooner or later, we all get to the point where we just need the world to cut us a break... when enough is enough...when we need a chance to get the monkey off our back and start over.... when we just need a chance to feel good again...without the pressure of the bills.

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Use the Bankruptcy Laws to Your Advantage

Despite what many creditors are telling consumers, bankruptcy filing is still available. Millions of Americans are suffering from mounting debt. Have you or a family member felt the effects? Harassing phone calls and letters from collection agencies? Wage assignments and garnishments on your paycheck? Repossession of your car or foreclosure of your home? You are not alone. Perhaps filing bankruptcy may be the answer for you. This step is not one to take lightly, so read on and see if filing bankruptcy could be a good option for you.

Finding an Experienced, Qualified Attorney

Finding the right bankruptcy attorney to guide you throughout the legal process is one of the most crucial decisions you have to make. While there is no requirement in the bankruptcy code that you have to have a lawyer help you, most realize after doing some research that an attorney can help simplify the process.

Free Consultations, Reasonable Fees.

For a free consultation, call The Bankruptcy Law Office of Mark S. Zuckerberg, P.C. today to speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. We want to help you get the relief you need and deserve. We understand that you are having financial difficulties, so contact us now. We will review your case and offer a flexible payment plan which is customized to your unique situation.

The Bankruptcy Law Office of Mark S. Zuckerberg P.C.

Our bankruptcy attorneys are well versed in the bankruptcy code and case law. They have studied the new bankruptcy laws that went into effect in 2005 and will use them to your advantage.

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